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Modern Slavery Statement

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Mansfields Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2021

We continue to learn more about the risks of Modern Slavery and take a zero-tolerance approach to the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking and seek to ensure all Mansfields staff are observant of any suspicious or concerning activity that may be linked to slavery or human trafficking.

Raising awareness throughout our business is important, and we do this through company inductions and refresher training for the entire workforce, and we support the Stronger Together campaign. Multi-language Stronger Together workplace posters are also placed in prominent positions throughout the business.

Training and checks

In 2021, travel was restricted due to the global pandemic so with far fewer visits possible, we utilised different electronic means of communication to maintain regular interactions with our workforce. We continued to be focussed on agency labour and preventing worker exploitation within our business including recruitment agencies. As part of our own recruitment process we ask specific questions, learnt from modern slavery training. We also audit our main GLAA licenced agency labour provider as much as the pandemic allowed us avoiding face-to face meetings.

We organised a Stronger Together Training in June 2021 for 18 of our key persons in management that will help them pick up any signs of modern slavery more easily.

We were part of a proactive ‘modern slavery’ open day with the GLAA and Kent Police on two of our largest farms and accommodation sites on 1st July 2021. We have made a promise to protect any vulnerable workers from exploitation within our industry and ethical compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Policies

Our Ethical Trade & Human Rights Policy is the key document that outlines the way we minimize the risk of exploitation in our business and what we do in the event that it is discovered. Our Ethical Trade & Human Rights Policy is supported by the policies which detail our internal good practices and procedures within our supply chain:

  • Equality and Dignity at Work Policy - Mansfields believes that every employee has the right to be treated with equality, with dignity and respect in the workplace and is committed to providing a supportive working environment to foster such a culture.
  • Anti-Bribery Policy - The purpose of this policy is to outline the rules that must be followed to ensure bribery does not occur within the Company.
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy - Equality of Opportunity underpins all our policies, procedures and practices. Managers are empowered to make the key decisions in recruiting and selecting their teams and this procedure sets the standard required to recruit the best candidate for Mansfields.
  • Whistleblowing Policy - Sets out the procedure by which individuals can report their concerns about suspicions of serious issues of malpractice to Mansfields if the normal channels of reporting have failed to address the issue or concern.
  • Grievance Policy - applies to all employees regardless of seniority or status and will be applied consistently and in a non-discriminatory manner.

Our policies and procedures are in compliance with the ETI Base Code.

Stakeholder working groups

Mansfields are part of several Ethical Trading collaboration working groups, which in broad terms helps us accelerate learning and action. It is only through collaboration, that we can collectively learn and progress activity that helps tackle trafficking and slavery risk, in a joined up manner.

Risk assessing globally

During 2021 we mapped out our supply chain for risk, at pack-houses, farms and agencies and although we have not discovered any cases of modern slavery to date, we continue to gather more information and raise awareness within our supply chain.

What will we do if we find modern slavery?

To date, we have not found, or been made aware of, any slavery or human trafficking incidents in our business or supply chain. However, key persons in management, are responsible for high-lighting any concerns or cases to the HR team. In July 2022 some business representatives will attend a supplier exchange session covering the topic of Modern Slavery organised by one of our customers.

We will fully investigate any issue, and act promptly to engage the appropriate UK authorities.

This Statement has been reviewed and approved by the Senior Management Team of Mansfields on 31st May 2022. Overall responsibility for the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement belongs to Philip Hermon (CEO).

Philip Hermon

Chief Executive Officer