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The best British apples from the Kent countryside

Starting in August and not finishing until December is the Mansfields apple harvest. Our farms are home to a dazzling array of apple trees with crops of popular varieties such as Cox and Gala.

Red, green and yellow skins reflect the autumn season, and that unmistakable crisp and crunchy sweetness of our apples is the perfect accompaniment to the change from summer to winter.


Mansfields Braeburn Apples


A wonderful, heavily cropping apple with richness and complexity that's both crisp and juicy.

Mansfields Cox Apples


The finest of dessert apples, the Cox is the classic English apple.

Mansfields Early Windsor Apples

Early Windsor

This tangy and juicy apple has an alluring creamy colour.

Mansfields Gala Apples


This popular apple has a strong red colour and sweet taste.

Mansfields Jazz Apples


There's a wonderful sharpness to this sweet, firm apple, which has butter-yellow flesh.

Mansfields Russet Apples


A small apple that's great for eating but also for cooking and juice.

Mansfields Smitten Apples


With complex aromatics and a hint of tart behind its sweetness, Smitten is a delicious apple with beautiful colour.

Mansfields Spartan Apples


This small, sweet apple is a favourite with children, with bright crimson skin and white flesh.

Mansfields Bramley Apples


A popular apple for cooking, often found in tarts, pies or in dumplings.

Mansfields Empire Apples


Empire are red, juicy, firm and flavoursome apples.

Apples are wonderful things...

Despite their firm and solid feel, 25% of apples is actually air - which helps them float for that all-important apple-bobbing! Here at Mansfields we grow the very best of UK apples at our orchards in Kent, England, that are popular choices for customers.

Can we help you?

Our speciality is providing you with a dependable supply of excellent quality fruit at the volumes you require. Speak to one of the Mansfields team to explore how we can work together to bring delicious apples to your customers.

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