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Punnet after punnet of glorious plums

From July through to September, Mansfields harvests an array of stunning and delicious plums. With striking blue through to purple skins that yield to delicious yellow flesh, these classic fruits are also renowned for being some of the healthiest.

Each plum contains vitamins such as A, C and K, along with minerals like potassium, copper and manganese. All in just 30 calories and packed with flavour.


Mansfields Ferbleue Plums


This plum is famous for its delicious taste; an unforgettable plum flavour.

Mansfields Haganta Plums


Large blue plums with excellent flavour, the Haganta plum is versatile and popular.

Mansfields Mirabelle Plums


Originating from Lorraine, France, this delicious plum has a wonderful flavour and texture.

Mansfields Opal Plums


Ripening early, this plum has a dusky red colour and a stone that falls away easily. Fantastic aroma.

Mansfields Victoria Plums


The United Kingdom's most popular plum, it gives heavy crops in a classic plum red colour.

Mansfields Violetta Plums


Originating from Sweden, this attractive dark blue plum has sweet yellow flesh.

Mansfields Jojo Plums


A striking blue coloured skin but larger size than the similar Haganta variety.

Mansfields Jubileum Plums


A great plum for culinary uses, but also delicious eaten fresh.

Mansfields Marjorie Plums


Late-season, great for eating fresh and cooking. We leave on the tree longer for the very best taste.

Mansfields Reeves Plums


Purple-red on pale yellow-green, this delicious plum has a great flavour.

Did you know...

there's only one continent in the world that isn't home to plum trees - and that's Antarctica! This wonderful stone fruit relies heavily on honeybees for its pollination of its flowers, and the resulting fruit contains less than 1% fat.


in each plum helps reduce blood pressure

Can we help you?

Our speciality is providing you with a dependable supply of excellent quality fruit at the volumes you require. Speak to one of the Mansfields team to explore how we can work together to bring marvellous plums to your customers.

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