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Our apricots are a midsummer dream

With their soft, velvet orange skin blushed with red, and incredible bright yellow flesh, the apricot is the highlight of the middle of the British summer.

We pick apricots at our Kentish farms in June and July, delivering this summer delicacy to our partners in plentiful supply to meet the insatiable demand of customers throughout the season.


Mansfields Faralia Apricot


Mansfields Farbaly Apricots


Did you know...

apricots are a member of the rose family, and each tree will typically produce fruit for up to 25 years. There is no saturated fat in apricots, nor cholesterol for that matter, and each one is a great source of vitamin A, important for eye health.


since apricots are thought to have originated

Can we help you?

Our speciality is providing you with a dependable supply of excellent quality fruit at the volumes you require. Speak to one of the Mansfields team to explore how we can work together to bring spectacular apricots to your customers.

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