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Nothing says Summer like Mansfields Strawberries

Here at Mansfields we're picking strawberries from May right through until October, bringing fantastic quality, juicy strawberries to our partners from the first warm days right through to the last.

We grow the varieties that customers love, selected for their shape, size, colour and sweetness. Take a look at what's on offer below, and get in touch with the team to find out more.


Mansfields Driscoll's Katrina Strawberries

Driscoll's Katrina

Mansfields Driscoll's Amesti Strawberries

Driscoll's Amesti

Mansfields Driscoll's Katrina Strawberries


Favori plant-2_1x1.jpg


Did you know...

there are more than 200 seeds on the average strawberry! This delightful fruit, the darling of summer cakes and desserts, is the first to harvest each year as its skin transforms from pale green to deep and succulent red.

But, despite the name, a strawberry isn't actually part of the berry family - they're known as 'aggregate fruits,' but what matters to us most is that they're absolutely delicious.


on each juicy strawberry

Can we help you?

Our speciality is providing you with a dependable supply of excellent quality fruit at the volumes you require. Speak to one of the Mansfields team to explore how we can work together to bring fantastic strawberries to your customers.

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