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Look no further for perfect pears

There's nothing like biting into a smooth and succulent pear. That delicate skin that gives way to a sumptuous pale fruit and sweet juice makes pears a firm favourite, and we harvest our varieties from September right through to April.

A single medium pear contains just 100 calories, whilst also being packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, which could be why we love them so much. Or it could just be the heart-shaped leaves!


in each delicious, sweet pear


Mansfields Conference Pear


A conical pear with long stem and neck and vibrant green skin. Sweet and juicy.

Mansfields Taylors Gold Pear

Taylor's Gold

Cinnamon-coloured, smooth skin, revealing a creamy and juicy flesh with aromatic, rich flavours.

Growing the right pears for your customers

Our pear varieties are carefully selected for their popularity with customers, giving you a range of delicious fruits that are available over a long harvesting season.

As with all of our produce at Mansfields we strive for the absolute best quality in the pears that we produce, with our staff hand-picking the fruit at our orchards across the Kent countryside.

Can we help you?

Our speciality is providing you with a dependable supply of excellent quality fruit at the volumes you require. Speak to one of the Mansfields team to explore how we can work together to bring stunning pears to your customers.

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