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We are one of the largest cherry growers in the UK

Cherries are synonymous with Mansfields. Our Kent farms produce the nation's favourite cherries year upon year in a spectacular array of popular varieties to please every palette. You can view our varieties below and learn more about what makes them so great.


individual cherries lovingly packed per year


Mansfields Lapins Cherries


Lapins are a large, mahogany red, 'heart' shaped sweet and juicy cherry. It is quite firm with a good slightly acidic flavour.

Mansfields Staccato Cherries


Kordia is a 'heart' shaped, firm and slightly spicy cherry with a good balance of sweetness and acidity.

Mansfields Penny Cherries


Penny is sweet, firm, large dark-red cherry. It is a cross of Colney and Inga, first grown in 1987.

Mansfields Regina Cherries


Regina is a round, firm, juicy and sweet cherry that has a deep red, almost black skin with dark red flesh. It is aromatic with a good flavour. 

Mansfields Skeena Cherries


A late season variety, large and firm with dark red flesh and reddish black skin.

Mansfields Karina Cherries


A great tasting, dark cherry with a heavy yield that begins early in the season.

Mansfields Staccato Cherries


This cherry has a firm and crunchy texture, with a fine appearance and taste.

Mansfields Sweetheart Cherries


Sweetheart is a large red 'heart' shaped cherry that is firm with a mild to sweet flavour.

A cup of cherries is less than 100 calories...

and contains 15% of your daily vitamin C needs. Cherries are full of antioxidants, which may help protect against diabetes, promote healthy sleep, provide arthritis relief, lower the risk of gout attacks, curb cholesterol and reduce post-exercise pain.

Plus, more importantly, they’re really very tasty!


of your daily vitamin C needs

Can we help you?

Our speciality is providing you with a dependable supply of excellent quality fruit at the volumes you require. Speak to one of the Mansfields team to explore how we can work together to bring fantastic cherries to your customers.

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